We are Driven by Freedom

We represent The SOLD Project, a nonprofit that prevents the sexual exploitation of children by offering children at risk educational scholarships, resources, and hope for the future. In the end, we’re doing this job because we’re not OK with children being used as prostitutes. We found it to be impossible to look a smart, bright-eyed, innocent young Thai girl in the eye, realize she’ll end up in some Red Light District before she leaves middle school, and NOT do something to keep that from happening. For these kids, it’s not too late. Please, partner with us to help stop child prostitution before it begins.¬†Either way…

Welcome to the journey.

Here’s What You Might Have Missed

This journey we’ve taken with SOLD has been full of unexpected challenges, and your support is more important than ever. To those of you who have given faithfully to support our work, THANK YOU! Your generosity has been so encouraging to us. To those of you who have yet to give, please consider making a recurring donation of $25, $50, or more to support our work. If you do…

  • We will we give you a free Driven by Freedom t-shirt
  • The SOLD Project will match your recurring donations up to a total of $500

Can’t beat that, right? Thank you for choosing to be part of the solution!